Pest Control Services

Looking for quality pest control services in the Dallas area? American Services Inc is a trusted and certified pest control company in DFW. Call and set up an appointment- We service all areas around Dallas; pest control experts will be sent to you and will assess your situation on the spot. For any issue, we offer a variety of remedies that will fit your needs. Whether you are looking for pest extermination or pest relocation, we have the experience and tools to do the job properly. If you have any questions about our pest control services, please feel free to reach out to any of our excellent support staff.

Termite Treatments

Dead Termite

Take care of your termite problem for good. Specializing in Termidor treatments, we offer 8 year warranty programs.


Flea Treatments

Clogged Chimney

When you have pets, fleas can be a big issue. They not only live on your pet, they live in your carpet and procreate in your yard. Flea extermination requires an average of 2 treatments.


Tick Treatments

Clogged Chimney

Whether you have an issue or want preventative treatments. This creature can be hard to remove from your home. Multiple treatments are probably required, but will protect your pets and your family from lime disease. Tick extermination usually requires 2-3 treatments.


Carpenter and Other Ant Treatments

Ant Treatment

These destructive creatures can damage your home. If you see signs of wood destruction, you may have carpenter ants. Our experienced technicians will gladly assist you in proper removal to protect your home. Carpenter Ant extermination requires a 5-step treatment. American Services inc. is one of the only companies in Dallas that will properly remove these ants. Our treatment plan includes: treating the attic, spraying the house with a non-repellant product, the injection of dust in sight of infestation, the application of bait that mimics actual food, and a "power spray".


Spider Treatments


Ensure that you are protected by hiring our experts.


Rodent Treatments

Clogged Chimney

From rats to mice and squirrels, rodents can be a bad problem and cause a lot of damage. We can remove rodents from your home safely and effectively.


Complete "Clean-Out" Treatments

Includes house spray and baits, attic fogging and “power spraying” the entire perimeter.


Fogging Treatments

We recommend this treatment under pier and beam houses as well as attics.


Quarterly Treatments

Sign up for our routine pest control treatments and never have another issue.


"One-Time" Treatments

If you would just like a one-time treatment to get rid of an immediate issue, please reach out and we will help.