Fireplace Supplies

Fireplace Doors

We can install any type of chimney door that has been pre-purchased. We also offer 10 different door finishes. These doors are top quality with a lifetime warranty. Along with the purchase of a four panel bi-fold door, you will also receive a mesh fire screen.

Traditional Fireplace Door
Traditional "Filigree" Fireplace Doors
Clean Face Fireplace Door
"Clean Face" Fireplace Doors


Fireplace Door Finishes Fireplace Door Finishes


Gas Logs

Get top quality gas logs with a lifetime warranty. These logs are the most realistic logs made and produced from a solid ceramic material. Our gas logs feature the famous "Glowing Embers" that look like a live bed of glowing coals.


Chimney Tops

Custom Chimney Cap
Custom Cap

Standard and custom models available. Adding a chimney top can stop animals from invading, arrest sparks and stop water leakage.



Lock Top Damper
Lock Top Damper

Made of cast-aluminum and stainless steel, the Lock-top Damper is precision fitted to your fireplace using our special silicone rubber gasket. These high-quality materials add up to a factory lifetime warranty for you.



Repairing chimney flashings will protect you from leaks that can damage your home.


Find a variety of highly reviewed fireplace supplies for your home. We have independently used and tested many different fireplace products and believe that we have saved you time and energy by offering only the highest quality products in Dallas.